Graduate of the Year

Katie Wilkins

Katie Wilkins is an accountant with the U.S. Air Force at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. She entered federal employment through the contracting arena and eventually converted to a permanent federal government employee, and has been working in this field for 19 years.

Katie chose an AGU graduate program because AGU is an approved school in the federal program and was highly recommended by a co-worker. She graduated from AGU’s Master of Supply Chain Management program in 2016 with a 4.0 GPA. Upon completing her degree, she accomplished a personal goal, as well as a professional one, which was to earn a master’s degree to help her continue to progress in her career.

AGU’s self-paced and flexible program allowed Katie to pursue a degree while successfully maintaining full-time employment. She is very excited to explore the job opportunities that having her master’s degree could bring in the near future. And she also looks forward to having some free time to explore more by traveling in different parts of the world.